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Berger Bullets 7mm 140gr VLD Hunting


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Berger Bullets 7mm 140gr VLD Hunting

Berger Bullets 7mm 140gr VLD Hunting Details:

The Berger Hunting bullet line features  match grade bullets that have the highest possible ballistic coefficient designed for 300 yards or more. Berger recommends that the bullets be seated to touch the rifling for best accuracy. Note, however, that the resulting cartridge overall length may be too long for some magazines. The VLD design incorporates a sharp nose that allows the bullet to penetrate 2″ to 3″ before it starts to expand.

  • 7mm .284 Diameter
  • Match Grade Hunting Bullets
  • G7 BC = .256
  • G1 BC = .500
  • Optimal Twist Rate = 1:10″
  • Recommended for Hunting. Also Excellent for Target
  • 100 Count
  • Made in USA
  • Item#: 28503

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