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Low Drag Sabot Muzzleloader .50 Cal 250 Gr SST


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Low Drag Sabot Muzzleloader .50 Cal 250 Gr SST

Low Drag Sabot Muzzleloader .50 Cal 250 Gr SST Details:

Item# 67273

Fully engages the rifling to keep the SST ML centered and sealed during firing allowing for maximum velocity and unparalleled long range performance. Upon impact the Flex Tip is compressed into the front of the bullet causing the bullet to expand. The Hornady Muzzle loading Low Drag Sabot is designed to be easier to load. The sabots are loaded with Hornady’s SST Bullets which achieve controlled expansion with less fragmentation, delivering better penetration, higher retained weight and improved long range performance. Designed for use in black powder muzzleloading rifles.

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