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S&B Products Inc AR-15 Receiver Spur


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S&B Products Inc AR-15 Receiver Spur

S&B Products Inc AR-15 Receiver Spur Details:

This AR-15 Receiver Spur is designed to replace the pistol grip on the AR-15 to make it NYS Legal.


  • S&B Products Inc.
  • Permanently modified replacement part for mil-spec pistol grip
  • Does not protrude beneath the action of the weapon. Does not allow for a pistol style grasp.
  • Allows access to safely lever and magazine release in firing position
  • If the “pistol grip that protrudes beneath the action of the weapon” is the SOLE characteristic that defines the rifle as an ASSAULT WEAPON, this inexpensive simple modification removes the rifle from that definition
  • Molded from Nylon 6/6 which is impervious to all oils and solvents found around firearms. Providing years of dependable service
  • Patent pending
  • SKU#: 700755552495

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