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Winchester Var-HV 17WSM 20 Gr VMAX


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Winchester Var-HV 17WSM 20 Gr VMAX

Winchester Var-HV 17WSM 20 Gr VMAX

  • Product Number: S17W20
  • 50 Count
  • Winchester Varmint High Velocity
  • 17WSM
  • 20 Grain
  • VMAX

Winchester owes its humble beginnings to Rimfire Ammunition. As a matter of fact, Winchester’s first commercially available metallic cartridge ammunition was a large caliber rimfire load introduced back in 1866. More than 130 years later, rimfire is the world’s most popular ammunition. As you would expect, Winchester has you covered with a complete line of high-performance cartridges including the undisputed heavyweight in rimfire ammunition – the 22 Winchester Magnum introduced in 1960. From precision target shooting to plinking, small-game hunting and silhouettes, Winchester is chosen by rimfire shooters worldwide whether you’re shooting 22 long rifle or 17 Winchester Super Magnum. For more information on this product click here

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