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Bench Rest & F-Class Competition Results

Massena Rod & Gun Club
300 Yard F-Class Match
August 20th, 2017

F-Class Results from the Massena Rod & Gun Club. It was a challenging day with lots of mirage and winds around 10 miles per hour, congrats to Allen Hart on getting his first win!

1) Allen Hart -599-46X
2) Michael McDonald -595-29X
3) Vince Pliscofsky -594-30X
4) Rex Iazzo -593-29X
5) Joe Lundy -592-29X
6) Roger Duheme -592-27X
7) Bob Bigness -584-25X
8) Tom Smith -583-30X

Massena Rod & Gun Club
300 Yard F-Class Match
July 16th, 2017

Today’s match was 300 Yards, from the prone position.  The mirage was very bad and winds were estimated at 8-12 MPH making for a very tough day, congratulations to Vince Pliscofsky on the overall win and for winning the third match with a 198-8X. Congratulations to Bob Bigness for winning the first and second matches with a 199-5X and 200-12X.  Special thanks to the Massena Rod & Gun Club for upgrading there facilitates for us!

Overall Results

  1. Vince Pliscofsky 592-24X
  2. Bob Bigness 590-21X
  3. Michael McDonald 589-25X
  4. Joe Lundy 589-18X
  5. Joe Bigness 588-15X
  6. Tom Smith 582-15X
  7. Allen Hart 580-23X
  8. James Pudlo 579-18X
  9. Frank Hill 579-16X
  10. Wes Stanton-546-11X

Massena Rod & Gun Club
300 Yard F-Class Match
June 18th, 2017

It was a fun and challenging day shooting today, we faced 12-14mpg winds and temperature’s in the lower 90’s.  Thomas Smith won the first match with a 200-13x, Joseph Lundy won the second match with a 199-13x and Vince Pliscofsky won the third match with a 200-17X.

Overall Results

  • Vince Pliscofsky 598-40x
  • Thomas Smith 596-39x
  • Joseph Lundy 593-34X
  • Michael McDonald 589-33x
  • Robert Bigness 588-22x
  • Joseph Bigness 587-29x
  • Wes Stanton 546-3x
  • Lee Stanton 542-6x
  • James Pudlo 520-22x
  • Nathan Jarvis 191-0x

2017 “Performance Shooting, Inc” Bench Rest Shooting Contest Results, June 4th, 2017 held at the Massena Rod & Gun Club, Sponsored by Performance Shooting, Inc, Nikon, Nightforce, Vortex, Leupold and Remington.  We featured a field of 40 shooters from all over New York State.

Open Class

 1)Kris Lamoreaux-.464” (Watertown, NY)
2)Michael McDonald-.576” (Westville, NY)
3)Vincent Pliscofsky-.605” (Peru, NY)
4)Patrick Lundy-.629”
5)Jon Barney-.697”
6)Matt Lundy-.710”
7)Joseph Lundy-.736”
8)Allen Hart-.789”
9)James Pudlo-.826”
10)Robert Bigness Jr-.902”
11)Emily O’Connor-.909”
12)Anthony Walden-.978”
13)Thomas Smith Jr.-1.023”
14)Virgil Love II-1.042”
15)Nathan Jarvis-1.065”
16)Frank Hill-1.224”
17)Joseph Bigness-1.261”
18)Wes Stanton-1.317”
19)Justin Tucker-1.344”
20)Lee Stanton-1.410”
21)Jessica Smith-1.446”
22)Michael Glenny-1.532”
23)Jason Beach-1.807”
24)Austin Dishaw-1.955”
25)Greg Yateman-1.985”
26)Nathan Caster-1.992”
27)Zack Clookey-2.026”
28)Mark Lamondie-2.328”

 Hunter Class

1)Thomas Smith Jr.-.965” (Massena, NY)
2)Allen Hart-1.247” (Owls Head, NY)
3)Kris Lamoreaux-.1.363” (Watertown, NY)
4)Matt Lundy-1.575”
5)Michael Glenny-1.585”
6)Emily O’Connor-1.639”
7)Edward Armstrong-1.939”
8)Jon Barney-2.012”
9)James Pudlo-2.059”
10)Mark Lamondie-4.047”
11)Vincent Pliscofsky-DQ
12)Justin Tucker-DQ

Results F-Class Match 05/21/17 Massena New York
Massena Rod & Gun Club
F-Open, 300 Yard Prone.

Thomas Smith won match#1 with a 200-13X, Michael McDonald & Vince Pliscofsky Tied match #2 with 200-12X each, Vince Pliscofsky won match #3 with a 198-14X.  Michael McDonald won the overall match with a score of 596-42X.

1)Michael McDonald 596-42x
2)Vince Pliscofsky 595-36x
3)Joe Lundy 594-34x
4)Thomas Smith 590-32x
5)Frank Hill 587-15x
6)James Pudlo 571-6x
7)Wes Stanton 542-6x

Results F-Class Match 04/23/17 Massena New York
Massena Rod & Gun Club
F-Open Class, 300 Yard Prone.

Michael McDonald won match #1,Vince Pliscofksy won match #2 & #3 as well as the overall! The conditions were very tough with a very strong mirage and changing winds making for a fun day of shooting.

1) Vince Pliscofsky 587-21X
2) Michael McDonald 582-19X
3) Robert Bigness 574-19X
4) Thomas Smith 561-11X
5) Frank Hill 552-9X
6) Lee Stanton 551-7X
7) Wes Stanton 543-7X
8) James Pudlo 414-9X

Results F-Class Match 10/02/16 Massena New York.

F-Open Class, 300 Yard Prone.

Michael McDonald was the overall match winner with a score of 599-45X, McDonald shot a 200-13X, 200-16X, and 199-16X.  Vince Pliscofsky shot a new personal best in match number one with a 200-18X!

Top Five Shooters

1) Michael McDonald 599-45X
2)Vin Pliscofsky 598-45X
3)Lee Stanton 591-33X
4)Jim Pudlo 589-24X
5)Robert Bigness 577-11X

Results-F-Class Match 08/28/16 Massena NY

F-Class 300 Yard Prone Results

In the F-Open class Joseph Lundy won all three matches with a 150-15X, 150-7X, and a 150-11X, he also won the overall match.

  1. Joseph Lundy-       450-32X
  2. Vin Pliscofsky-        447-25X
  3. Michael McDonald 442-17X
  4. Lee Stanton           441-20X
  5. Jim Pudlo               403-12X
  6. Frank Hill                398-4X

In the F T-R Class Greg Yateman won all three matches with scores of 147-6x, 150-10x and 150-7x, Greg also won the overall match with a score of 447-23x.

  1. Greg Yateman         447-23X
  2. Wes Stanton            418-10X
  3. Taylor Gunthier        401-5X

Results-F-Class Match 08/21/16 Massena NY

Massena Rod & Gun Club

F-Class 300 Yard Prone Results

F-Class Open

In the F-Open class Tom Smith won the first two matches with scores of 150-12X and 150-9X and Michael McDonald won the third match with a score of 149-13X.  The overall winner however was Vin Pliscofsky with a score of 446-26X.

  1. Vin Pliscofsky 446-26X
  2. Tom Smith 446-22X
  3.  Michael McDonald 445-30X
  4.  Robert Bigness Jr. 438-11X
  5. Lee Stanton 433-10x
  6.  James Pudlo 414-7X
  7. Wes Stanton 412-7X

F-Class TR

In the F-TR class Barry Detriek won match1 with a score of 146-7X and Gate Yateman won match 2 and 3 with scores of 138-1X and 144-3X.  Greg Yateman was also the overall winner in the F-TR class with a score of 424-7X.

  1. Greg Yateman 424-7X
  2. Barry Detriek 416-5X
  3. Taylor Gauthier 377-4X

For more information about these results feel free to contact Michael McDonald at Performance Shooting, Inc. 518-483-5241 or Vin Pliscofsky at 518-834-1524

For F-Class rules please visit the link by clicking here.