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Bench Rest & F-Class Competition Results

Massena Rod & Gun Club
300 Yard F-Class Match
September 17th, 2017

Today’s conditions consisted of heavy mirage and temps in the low 80’s. Congratulations to Matt Lundy on being the overall winner and for winning match number one with a 200-16X, and match number two with a 200-13x, Roger Duheme won the third match with a 200-17x.

1) Matt Lundy 600-45x
2) Roger Duheme 598-39x
3) Pat Lundy 598-36x
4) Allen Hart 596-36x
5) Vince Pliscofsky 595-38x
6) Joe Lundy 592-30x
7) Jim Pudlo 592-24x
8) Mike McDonald 588-18x
9) Lee Stanton 587-22x
10) Frank Hill 575-11x
11) Ed Rider 463-2x

Massena Rod & Gun Club
300 Yard F-Class Match
August 20th, 2017

F-Class Results from the Massena Rod & Gun Club. It was a challenging day with lots of mirage and winds around 10 miles per hour, congrats to Allen Hart on getting his first win!

1) Allen Hart -599-46X
2) Michael McDonald -595-29X
3) Vince Pliscofsky -594-30X
4) Rex Iazzo -593-29X
5) Joe Lundy -592-29X
6) Roger Duheme -592-27X
7) Bob Bigness -584-25X
8) Tom Smith -583-30X

Massena Rod & Gun Club
300 Yard F-Class Match
July 16th, 2017

Today’s match was 300 Yards, from the prone position.  The mirage was very bad and winds were estimated at 8-12 MPH making for a very tough day, congratulations to Vince Pliscofsky on the overall win and for winning the third match with a 198-8X. Congratulations to Bob Bigness for winning the first and second matches with a 199-5X and 200-12X.  Special thanks to the Massena Rod & Gun Club for upgrading there facilitates for us!

Overall Results

  1. Vince Pliscofsky 592-24X
  2. Bob Bigness 590-21X
  3. Michael McDonald 589-25X
  4. Joe Lundy 589-18X
  5. Joe Bigness 588-15X
  6. Tom Smith 582-15X
  7. Allen Hart 580-23X
  8. James Pudlo 579-18X
  9. Frank Hill 579-16X
  10. Wes Stanton-546-11X

Massena Rod & Gun Club
300 Yard F-Class Match
June 18th, 2017

It was a fun and challenging day shooting today, we faced 12-14mpg winds and temperature’s in the lower 90’s.  Thomas Smith won the first match with a 200-13x, Joseph Lundy won the second match with a 199-13x and Vince Pliscofsky won the third match with a 200-17X.

Overall Results

  • Vince Pliscofsky 598-40x
  • Thomas Smith 596-39x
  • Joseph Lundy 593-34X
  • Michael McDonald 589-33x
  • Robert Bigness 588-22x
  • Joseph Bigness 587-29x
  • Wes Stanton 546-3x
  • Lee Stanton 542-6x
  • James Pudlo 520-22x
  • Nathan Jarvis 191-0x

2017 “Performance Shooting, Inc” Bench Rest Shooting Contest Results, June 4th, 2017 held at the Massena Rod & Gun Club, Sponsored by Performance Shooting, Inc, Nikon, Nightforce, Vortex, Leupold and Remington.  We featured a field of 40 shooters from all over New York State.

Open Class

 1)Kris Lamoreaux-.464” (Watertown, NY)
2)Michael McDonald-.576” (Westville, NY)
3)Vincent Pliscofsky-.605” (Peru, NY)
4)Patrick Lundy-.629”
5)Jon Barney-.697”
6)Matt Lundy-.710”
7)Joseph Lundy-.736”
8)Allen Hart-.789”
9)James Pudlo-.826”
10)Robert Bigness Jr-.902”
11)Emily O’Connor-.909”
12)Anthony Walden-.978”
13)Thomas Smith Jr.-1.023”
14)Virgil Love II-1.042”
15)Nathan Jarvis-1.065”
16)Frank Hill-1.224”
17)Joseph Bigness-1.261”
18)Wes Stanton-1.317”
19)Justin Tucker-1.344”
20)Lee Stanton-1.410”
21)Jessica Smith-1.446”
22)Michael Glenny-1.532”
23)Jason Beach-1.807”
24)Austin Dishaw-1.955”
25)Greg Yateman-1.985”
26)Nathan Caster-1.992”
27)Zack Clookey-2.026”
28)Mark Lamondie-2.328”

 Hunter Class

1)Thomas Smith Jr.-.965” (Massena, NY)
2)Allen Hart-1.247” (Owls Head, NY)
3)Kris Lamoreaux-.1.363” (Watertown, NY)
4)Matt Lundy-1.575”
5)Michael Glenny-1.585”
6)Emily O’Connor-1.639”
7)Edward Armstrong-1.939”
8)Jon Barney-2.012”
9)James Pudlo-2.059”
10)Mark Lamondie-4.047”
11)Vincent Pliscofsky-DQ
12)Justin Tucker-DQ

Results F-Class Match 05/21/17 Massena New York
Massena Rod & Gun Club
F-Open, 300 Yard Prone.

Thomas Smith won match#1 with a 200-13X, Michael McDonald & Vince Pliscofsky Tied match #2 with 200-12X each, Vince Pliscofsky won match #3 with a 198-14X.  Michael McDonald won the overall match with a score of 596-42X.

1)Michael McDonald 596-42x
2)Vince Pliscofsky 595-36x
3)Joe Lundy 594-34x
4)Thomas Smith 590-32x
5)Frank Hill 587-15x
6)James Pudlo 571-6x
7)Wes Stanton 542-6x

Results F-Class Match 04/23/17 Massena New York
Massena Rod & Gun Club
F-Open Class, 300 Yard Prone.

Michael McDonald won match #1,Vince Pliscofksy won match #2 & #3 as well as the overall! The conditions were very tough with a very strong mirage and changing winds making for a fun day of shooting.

1) Vince Pliscofsky 587-21X
2) Michael McDonald 582-19X
3) Robert Bigness 574-19X
4) Thomas Smith 561-11X
5) Frank Hill 552-9X
6) Lee Stanton 551-7X
7) Wes Stanton 543-7X
8) James Pudlo 414-9X

Results F-Class Match 10/02/16 Massena New York.

F-Open Class, 300 Yard Prone.

Michael McDonald was the overall match winner with a score of 599-45X, McDonald shot a 200-13X, 200-16X, and 199-16X.  Vince Pliscofsky shot a new personal best in match number one with a 200-18X!

Top Five Shooters

1) Michael McDonald 599-45X
2)Vin Pliscofsky 598-45X
3)Lee Stanton 591-33X
4)Jim Pudlo 589-24X
5)Robert Bigness 577-11X

Results-F-Class Match 08/28/16 Massena NY

F-Class 300 Yard Prone Results

In the F-Open class Joseph Lundy won all three matches with a 150-15X, 150-7X, and a 150-11X, he also won the overall match.

  1. Joseph Lundy-       450-32X
  2. Vin Pliscofsky-        447-25X
  3. Michael McDonald 442-17X
  4. Lee Stanton           441-20X
  5. Jim Pudlo               403-12X
  6. Frank Hill                398-4X

In the F T-R Class Greg Yateman won all three matches with scores of 147-6x, 150-10x and 150-7x, Greg also won the overall match with a score of 447-23x.

  1. Greg Yateman         447-23X
  2. Wes Stanton            418-10X
  3. Taylor Gunthier        401-5X

Results-F-Class Match 08/21/16 Massena NY

Massena Rod & Gun Club

F-Class 300 Yard Prone Results

F-Class Open

In the F-Open class Tom Smith won the first two matches with scores of 150-12X and 150-9X and Michael McDonald won the third match with a score of 149-13X.  The overall winner however was Vin Pliscofsky with a score of 446-26X.

  1. Vin Pliscofsky 446-26X
  2. Tom Smith 446-22X
  3.  Michael McDonald 445-30X
  4.  Robert Bigness Jr. 438-11X
  5. Lee Stanton 433-10x
  6.  James Pudlo 414-7X
  7. Wes Stanton 412-7X

F-Class TR

In the F-TR class Barry Detriek won match1 with a score of 146-7X and Gate Yateman won match 2 and 3 with scores of 138-1X and 144-3X.  Greg Yateman was also the overall winner in the F-TR class with a score of 424-7X.

  1. Greg Yateman 424-7X
  2. Barry Detriek 416-5X
  3. Taylor Gauthier 377-4X

For more information about these results feel free to contact Michael McDonald at Performance Shooting, Inc. 518-483-5241 or Vin Pliscofsky at 518-834-1524

For F-Class rules please visit the link by clicking here.